Public Safety Leadership

Public Safety Leadership Team

Public Safety Leadership Team



Jennifer Griffin, Ph.D.

Vice President for Public Safety

Denise Wilhelm

Executive Deputy Operations

Michael Thomas Smith

Deputy Director of Organizational Affairs

Edward Woltemate

Captain of Investigations

Thomas Macartney

Sergeant of Investigations

Enoch McCoy

Captain of Patrol Operations

Public Safety Support Team

Public Safety Support Team



Janice Dietz

Execitive Assistant to Vice President

Amber James

Associate Director of Organization Administration (HR)

Joshua Nussbaum

Deputy Director of Emergency Management

Chris Willard

Director of Tactics and Professional Development

Chuong Doan

Director of Finance and Budget

Matt Petrillo

Director of Communications

Len Clark

Director of Emergency Management

Donna P. Gray

Risk Reduction and Advocacy

Monica Hankins Padilla

Community Engagement