Communicating with the Temple Community

Keeping the community informed is critical to transparency and the safety of our community. Temple has various systems in place for communicating information to students, faculty, and staff. The following details the types of notification and criteria for use:

TUalert: Used to communicate information regarding an incident that occurs on or adjacent to campus that is deemed an emergency requiring immediate action on the part of the campus community. This is an e-mail, a text message to registered mobile phones, and/or a phone call.

TUsiren: Used only to alert the campus community of a threat imminent to, or occurring on campus that is deemed a catastrophic and life-threatening situation (e.g. severe weather, release of hazardous material, or life-threatening active shooter incident). The siren will indicate the need for all to shelter-in-place or lockdown securely within buildings, unless otherwise directed.

Advisory emails: Messages about criminal activity generally will not trigger an emergency communication unless it is determined that there is an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees. There are, however, limited instances when university officials may deem it appropriate to send a Timely Warning to students and employees regarding criminal activity in or around campus that does not involve an immediate threat. 

Websites & University Channels: You can also visit university communications and announcements for more information and updates on safety initiatives, and follow @TU_Police on social media.