Patrol Maps


Temple police officers and security personnel have a high level of visibility on the Main, Health Sciences Center, Center City, Podiatry and Ambler campuses, which helps create a strong connection with the community. Linked through the state-of-the-art communication center, officers patrol the Main, Health Sciences Center and Ambler campuses 24 hours a day. 

  • Main Campus patrol boundaries are Susquehanna Avenue on the north to Jefferson Street on the south, with the exception of 13th to Broad streets, where the southern boundary is Girard Avenue. The western border is 18th Street and the patrol area extends east to 9th Street.
  • Health Sciences Center patrol boundaries are Venango Street and includes 15th Street to Germantown Avenue on the north to Allegheny Avenue, extending from 15th Street to Park Avenue on the south. The western boundary stretches from Venango Street to Allegheny Avenue. The eastern border follows Germantown Avenue, Rising Sun Avenue, 13th Street and Park Avenue.
  • Ambler Campus patrol area spans from Meetinghouse Road (on the southwest side) and Loop 
  • Podiatry, Center City and Fort Washington campuses have Security personnel monitor the interiors of the respective locations but do not engage in patrol outside the buildings.
  • Harrisburg campus has Security personnel (through Securitas, a contracted security company) monitor the interior of 234 Strawberry Street, Harrisburg, PA.

Our Committed to Campus Safety brochure outlines the initiatives and services designed to keep our campus and surrounding community safe. State law sets limits as to Temple (and all college and university) Police‚Äôs jurisdiction, so it cannot be expanded beyond a set distance. Expanding the present patrol zone would divert resources and personnel from the areas that Temple currently serves. Temple University also has an MOU with the Philadelphia Police Department that has been agreed upon stating the specific jurisdictional boundaries as well roles and responsibilities. This is customary practice for universities operating in Philadelphia. Temple continues to speak about these agreements and boundaries so that parents and students are aware. We encourage students to live within the current patrol zone boundaries. 

Maps and directions for Temple University campuses can be found online here.

Main Campus and HSC campus patrol maps below.

Main Campus Patrol Map

HSC Patrol Map