Daily Crime Log

Daily Clery Crime Log

The Department of Public Safety encourages all members of the community to educate themselves about the various types of criminal incidents occurring in the campus patrol zones. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Clery Act and the wealth of information available to you.

The crime log pertains to incidents reported to and made known to the Department of Public Safety and occurred within the Clery Compliance reported areas on or adjacent to campus. This log is updated Monday - Friday by 9:00am and reports received over the weekend are updated every Monday.

If you would like additional information on persons arrested and charged for crimes listed in the log or for persons arrested and charged for crimes listed in previous reports, please stop by headquarters at 1801 N. 11th St., Philadelphia, PA 19122 during university business hours. For questions, please contact the Department of Public Safety, at 215-204-7900.

Geographical Boundaries

How our crime log is organized

The summary of crime data below is sorted by date, with most recent date reported first. The crime log may be sorted by Campus, Building, and/or Crime Classification. Additionally, each column may be sorted by ascending or descending order by using the arrows directly to the right of each category label. The search table field provides a specific search option (date, campus, crime classification etc..). Disposition codes and definitions can be found here.