The protection of our students is of utmost importance to Temple University. Keeping the community informed is critical to transparency and the safety of our community. Temple has various types of communication in place for communicating information to students, faculty, and staff. 

TUalert is Temple University's emergency notification system used to deliver critical information to our students, faculty, and staff via text and email. These alerts are sent for situations, incidents, or emergencies that pose an immediate threat or hazard on campus or within the university patrol zone and require immediate action on the part of the campus community; updates to ongoing incidents; advisories such as road closures; and, all clear messaging when the situation is resolved.

Email Notifications

TUalerts sent by email will soon feature one of three colors. Red refers to an emergency incident. Yellow refers to updates or informational events. Green signals an incident is over and police have cleared the area. The colors will only appear in the headlines of email alerts, since text messaging does not have the ability to incorporate color. 

All temple.edu email accounts are automatically registered to receive TUalerts and all mobile numbers registered on TUportal will receive text messages unless the user opts out.

For more information on TUalerts, please review our TUalert FAQ.

TUalert email sample

TUalerts sent by email are now color coded. Here is an example of what a red alert will look like, which will be used for emergency incidents.

When is a TUalert sent?

When is a TUalert Sent?

timeline for sending TUalerts

Timeline for sending TUalert.