Security Grant Program

Security Grant Program

Temple University’s security grant program reimburses off-campus landlords for the cost of buying and installing security equipment at privately-owned rental properties within the university’s patrol zone. 

Since the program was launched in March 2022, more than 130 properties have seen security upgrades, totaling about 300 additional security cameras and even more floodlights.

Temple’s intention behind this program is to make living off campus safer for students and the community. The university has made significant investments into private residences and we appreciate the opportunity to work with the North Philadelphia community.

Any landlord in the patrol zone can apply for a grant of up to $2,500 per property that can be used for installing lighting and cameras to improve security. To qualify, an applicant must provide  a current Philadelphia Rental License and receipt of purchase and installation of lights and cameras. Later, a Temple official will conduct a visual inspection.

This program is for the reimbursement of the one-time purchase and installation of cameras and lighting and is not intended for any form of recurring subscription services. Temple’s patrol zone extends from  9th to 18th Streets and Susquehanna to Jefferson Streets.

For more information and to apply for the program, contact