Disposition Definitions

Disposition Definitions & Codes

Information regarding the disposition of crimes reported in the daily crime log are defined and coded as follows:


Open -  the investigation is currently ongoing 
SCC -   referred to the Student Code of Conduct 
PCC -   referred for Private Criminal Complaint 
PFA -    referred for Protection From Abuse 
Arrest - an arrest was made

Exceptionally Cleared - lack of prosecution; Code Violation Notice issued


Cleared by Arrest

 A law enforcement agency reports that an offense is cleared by arrest, or solved for crime reporting purposes, when three specific conditions have been met. The three conditions are that at least one person has been

  • arrested,
  • charged with the commission of the offense and
  • turned over to the court for prosecution (whether following arrest, court summons or police notice).

Cleared by Exceptional Means

In certain situations, elements beyond law enforcement’s control prevent the agency from arresting and formally charging the offender. When this occurs, the agency can clear the offense exceptionally. Law enforcement agencies must meet the following four conditions in order to clear an offense by exceptional means. The agency must have

  • identified the offender;
  • gathered enough evidence to support an arrest, make a charge and turn over the offender to the court for prosecution; 
  • identified the offender’s exact location so that the suspect could be taken into custody immediately; and
  • encountered a circumstance outside the control of law enforcement that prohibits the agency from arresting, charging and prosecuting the offender.

Examples of exceptional clearances include, but are not limited to, the death of the offender (e.g., suicide or justifiably killed by police or citizen), the victim’s refusal to cooperate with the prosecution after the offender has been identified, or the denial of extradition because the offender committed a crime in another jurisdiction and is being prosecuted for that offense. In the UCR program, the recovery of property alone does not clear an offense.

Judicial Referral

A referral to a disciplinary board for violation of a university policy.


Still pending review or investigation.