Disabilities, Access & Functional Needs

Accessibility and Preparedness

The Department of Homeland Security provides information about readiness for those with disabilities and access and functional needs, including tips and emergency planning guidance. Also, visit disasterassistance.gov for even more resources and tips.

Temple’s Office of Disability Resources and Services can be a great resource for students on campus.

In addition, the Institute on Disability (IoD) in the College of Education and Human Development at Temple University learns from and works with people with disabilities and their families to create and share knowledge, change systems and society, and promote self-determined lives. IoD recognizes that disability is a natural part of the human experience. With regard to emergency preparedness, IoD’s mission is to develop and execute research, create programs, disseminate information, and deliver services and training to, with and for people with disabilities about emergency preparedness in the home, work and community. Find out more information on emergency preparedness for Pennsylvanians with disabilities.

Disabilities, Access and Functional Needs

If you require additional assistance in an emergency, be sure to identify your needs ahead of time and communicate them to others. Develop a plan that makes sense for your specific situation. Wear medical alert tags or bracelets and be prepared to tell emergency personnel if you have a disability; use a mobility aide or service animal, whether you have allergies, phobias, or a language barrier. Know the names of all your medications. If you use an augmentative communications device or other assistive technologies, plan how you will evacuate with the devices or how you will replace equipment if lost or destroyed. Include appropriate supplies in your go bag and emergency supply kit. If you use assistive technology devices, such as white canes, CCTV or text-to-speech software, keep information about model numbers and where you purchased the equipment. Plan how you will communicate with others if your equipment is not working.

For more information about disabilities, access and functional needs preparedness, check out ready.gov, NYCEM and American Red Cross resources.