Make a Plan

Disaster Prep

Make a Plan

1. Put a plan together and discuss the questions below to start your emergency planning process.

  • How will I receive emergency alerts and warnings?
  • What is my shelter-in-place plan?
  • What is my evacuation route?
  • What is my family‚Äôs communication plan?
    • Who should I contact? Pro tip: Go through your contact list and write down important numbers. If your cell phone is damaged or lost, this will help ensure you can still get in touch.
    • What are all the methods I can use to communicate? 
  • How will I make sure to keep my emergency preparedness kit updated?

2. Consider the specific needs in your household, such as for children, pets and seniors.

3. Fill out a Family Emergency Plan.

4. Practice your plan with your family/household members.

The better prepared you are, the more you will be protected. Start planning today!